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*i don't really reblog certain things just whatever i like


zayn and liam never followed luke or ashton in the first place whoever started that rumor is on my shit list


Steal His Style: benedict cumberbatch

green alien suit (48.99)


*calls Taylor Swift my baby despite her being taller and older than I am*

british: american people are so annoying
chinese: american people are so annoying
mexicans: american people are so annoying
french: american people are so annoying
americans: we are so annoying
canadians: I fucking love maple syrup
australians: we can do your accent but none of you assholes can do ours AHAHAHAHA


The Sam Pepper crying/apology video that’s been going around on here is fake

they’re clips from this video from June, still on his channel, titled 'I FUCKING SUCK AT VLOGGING


you know what is really scary is that people i follow may have already been invited to some secret 1989 related event but they aren’t allowed to tell us and oh man that freaks me out so much


OH YEAH. THE ALBUM………………?!?!??!?!? she kept stressing about important it was to keep quiet about it, but you guys. you have no idea what’s coming. whatever is in your mind is not at all what this album is like at all. the lyrics are better, the sound is better, EVERY song is fucking GREAT. whatever doubts you have about 1989 throw them out the FUCKIN window. it’s amazing. promise.


I will never not reblog this gif set whenever it comes across my dash.